In today’s economy any organization looking to begin a new commercial or church construction project faces certain challenges. Choosing the right developer and design/builder can make the difference between a successful commercial construction project and a disaster. There are many considerations to be taken into account in choosing that company for your church construction. Realistically speaking, a few developers and design/builders are just better equipped to execute large-scale projects in today’s market than others.

BIG SKY specializes in the development, design and construction of churches, private school, daycare centers and office facilities. We resume includes church sanctuaries and ministerial offices, school  facilities, commercial business centers, industrial parks, medical, alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers, retail, daycare and much more.  A commercial construction  project usually involves one overriding factor above all others: the bottom line.  While certainly a critical factor in the decision making process, budget should not be the only one.  When cost alone is the primary focus of a project, serious repercussions are likely to follow – poor service, time delays, hidden costs, changes orders, and non-existent follow up to name just a few. This Big Sky web site focuses entirely on the process of church building.  We hope that you will use our site when the time comes for you to build your church.  Every church building plan can be customized to the unique needs of your ministry and budget.  BIG SKY Enterprises, LLC a leading Northeast commercial construction and church construction firm that uniquely develops, executes and oversees the entire project life cycle, today announced that, despite the economic downturn. It is very important to choose a church building plans company that has many years of experience in preparing church building plans. Our promise to you is that when you select BIG SKY’s  prepare your church building plans you will know you made the right decision.


If the amount approved by the lender is less than what is needed, the developer will need to seek additional Church financing to complete the church construction. Big Sky understands the importance of their clients knowing what they can afford and what they currently are unable to afford when it comes to any church construction or commercial construction project. If the funds are not available up front to accomplish the vision Big Sky will develop a proven and effective comprehensive financing plan that will allow your organization to BE FINANCE READY.


“Looking forward to 2011, we are forecasting to have our best year yet,” says Ryan Regina of BIG SKY Enterprises, a developer in N.J. Regina says seven years ago, 25 percent of BIG SKY’s projects was building churches. Now it’s 80 percent. “What we see in various builders’ magazines, there seems to be a steady increase in church construction.”