Surf Shop

Surf shops span from coast to coast and are typically located near the ocean and can be found in any country that has waves (as far as I know). The main purpose of the surf shop is to provide surfers with surf boards, wetsuits, and surf wax. Surf Shops also provide customers with free surf reports, surf lessons, and surf board rentals. With the explosion of the surf lifestyle, surf shops have exploded into clothing retailers serving brands like Hurley, QuikSilver, O’Neill, Rusty and Lost. These brands sell things from t-shirts, hoodies, flip flops, jeans, sun glasses, and watches.

Surfing originated in the Polynesian culture and first moved to Hawaii in 1767. Surfing was initially brought to Australia in 1915 by the Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku who demonstrated surfing all along the coast. Some famous surf spots include Mavericks, Pipeline in Oahu Hawaii, Teahupo’o Tahiti, Zicatela Beach Mexican Pipeline. Some larger surf shop brands include Ron Jon Surf Shop and Killer Dana. It was Pacific Sunwear that took the surfing out of the surf shop and brought the surf lifestyle minus the surf board to middle America. In the surf shop industry the golden horseshoe refers to the two coasts (Atlatntic/Pacific Oceans) and the Gulf of Mexico, this forms a horseshoe where surfing happens in the USA and most surf shop sales occur.

The sports initial popularity explosion happened after the movie Gidget came out. Movies like Endless Summer in 1966 really showcased the world aspect of surfing with surfers Mike Hynson and Robert August, while featuring Miki Dora, Eugene Harris, Phil Edwards and Butch Van Artsdalen. In the 1990s, it was Kelly Slater the Florida native who really made the popularity of surfing explode. Living up to the hype Kelly Slater recently won his 10th ASP Tour Title. With Fuel TV surfing has found a way to break into the tv market, however the real popularity of surfing is driven by surf videos that are sponsored by large brands and show case the evolution of the sport and show off the sports elite athletes. Surf movies can be found in local surf shops and more recently online.

Each surf shop has a personality, carries particular surf brands and equipment. Some surf shops appeal to general consumers, while other surf shops appeal to the core surfing audience and sell stuff related to the sport of surfing. Most popular waves will have at least one surf shop located right off the beach. Everyone has there favorite wave and favorite surf shop.